I’m a current board member of LAFTA, Lincoln Association For Traditional Arts, a wonderful group that brings in folk musicians from around the nation to perform in concerts here.  (www.lafta.net)
   Lucy and I were married in 1970 and have been singing together for the past 18 years.  We mainly play the local coffee shops, although we did perform in a few of the LAFTA songwriter nights and have opened for Neal and Leandra, Rita Hosking and The Black Brothers. We perform a lot of original music, some traditional and Celtic music and some contemporary music.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have several of my songs selected for the Walnut Valley Music Festival songwriting contest.  (See links)
    In 2005 we joined the Celtic group Aisling’s Bards and performed in the Nebraska Renaissance Faire and for 6 weekends of the Kansas City Renaissance Faire.  Quite an experience and a chance to learn a lot of Celtic Music in a short time.  I caught some grief from other musicians because I played a 1985 Ovation 12 string guitar, but it was interesting to note the number of 12 string guitars being played at the Faire by other musicians.   My sweet wife has since bought me a Garrison 12 string acoustic guitar with a folded ash face.  It has a different tonality that I appreciate and is quite a bit lighter.  So I get a chance to alternate between the two.
    We have recently been joined by Dirk Dalton, an excellent musician who plays sweet piano and guitar.  We’ve been able to work up some new music with his help.  And, Lucy has begun playing the mountain dulcimer which also adds a new timbre to our music. We have finally released our new CD:  Patchwork.  Check the home page for links to samples of our CD music and our new video on You Tube called Sunny Shine Day.  The CD is now available at CD Baby or direct from us when we’re playing a local gig.  It’s 18 songs of traditional, Celtic, original and Americana music.
     It is with great sorrow we announce the passing of our bandmate Dirk Dalton., A man of great talent and ability.  If you watch our video Sunny Shine Day, just watch his hands playing this song without any sheet music.  He listened to the song and figured out the notes and taught them to me.  Absolutely amazing.  God be with you Dirk..
A Little Bit About Us

    My first guitar had a neck that was held together with butcher chord.  It couldn’t be tuned, but it didn’t matter since I couldn’t play it anyway.  Montgomery Wards offered a fine acoustic folk guitar and I bought it out of the catalog when I was 14.  I also purchased two Peter, Paul, and Mary song books from Wards.  All I needed to do was study the music course I bought through the mail: Ed Sale’s Learn To Play Guitar in 7 Days! (check  it out).  At the end of 7 days I asked my dad what he thought of the song I just played.  “Sounds like a cat just got run through a cheese grater!”

    If I had stopped there, I could have been a rock star, but I wanted to play Puff the Magic Dragon just like PP&M, so I kept practicing.  It’s been a long time and I’m still practicing.  I’ve been writing songs since 1969 and am a member of the Lincoln Songwriters Sweatshop, a Lincoln NE songwriters group that encourages it’s members to write songs and work to improve them.  I’m the keeper of the list, so if you want to know when and where the group meets, just email me at kerrythekrause@yahoo.com  or check the info on the songwriters page by using your mouse on the songwriters button to the left.

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