My first working guitar was a 1964 Montgomery Wards Airline folk model acoustic guitar.  In 1967 I bought a thin line hollow body electric guitar shown here, that has been passed through the generations. Looks good, but not much for playing.
My first year in college I heard a 12 string guitar and it was lust at first listen.  My first 12 string was a Montgomery Ward Airline guitar.  Then I progressed to an Epiphone 12 string and then to an Ovation 12 string that’s still part of the family. Recently I become a proud owner of a Garrison 12 string.  Great, rich sound, good looking with a folded ash front.  Nice to play, but when I capo it, it goes out of tune, so I have to retune it when I switch keys, unlike the Ovation that stays in tune no matter where I capo.
SEAN, SON #1,  1988
JASON, SON #2 1990
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